Daniel Fisher, CFA
After more than 30 years in print and electronic journalism at Forbes, Bloomberg Business News and major metro dailies in Dallas and Houston, I formed Walden Consultants LLC to provide high quality writing, editing and advice on media strategy. In addition to my journalism experience, I have a master’s degree from Yale Law School, where I was a Knight fellow in 2003-04, and hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Background financial investigations have been a fundamental part of my business journalism career.

In an era where content is everywhere and the Web never forgets, tight, well-composed and convincing prose is more important than ever.

Phillips Exeter Academy, 1977-79
Tulane University, B.A. in English, 1984
Chartered Financial Analyst, 1998
Yale Law School, Master of Studies in Law, 2004
Work history
Kenosha News, Kenosha, Wis., 1985-1989
Dallas Times Herald, 1989-1991
Houston Post, 1991-92
Bloomberg Business News, 1992-1998
Forbes magazine, 1998-2017
Other interests
Sailing – ice, soft water, big boats, small boats and windsurfers. Pretty much anything with a sail, I’m in. Photography, literature, the law and finance.
Twitter: @DanielDFisher

Other notes
The cover photo is shot from the rail of Tantivy, a 31-foot Seafarer 31-1 yawl designed by Bill Tripp in the early 1960s with a redesigned keel by McCurdy & Rhodes in the late 1960s. Tantivy has gone on to another owner, and my new ride is an Ohlson 38, possibly the best-looking racer/cruiser ever made.
Walden Consultants derives its name not from Thoreau’s famous pond but my father’s family, descended from one Thomas Walden, who died in 1726. His son Thomas Jr. was lost at sea transporting troops from Boston to Nova Scotia in 1752 and a grandson was assistant purser on the “Ranger” under John Paul Jones. Another descendant founded the village of Walden, N.Y.