Writing isn’t all lonely toil. Some examples of what happens when I get out of the office.

A fun day in the off-piste powder stashes of Arlberg,  Austria. Article in ZRankings and on the Walden Consultants LLC website.

Can’t replace the cover photo but the Seafarer 31-1 is gone, replaced by an Ohlson 38, one of the best-looking boats ever built. A Ferrari of the sea, she has clean lines, beautiful detailing and continues to win races after more than 50 years.


Video from a ride on Comanche, Jim Clark’s 100-foot carbon-fiber race boat. Special perk: Kenny Read let me drive her under the enormous asymmetrical chute all the way up Narragansett Bay.

Soaring over the Wallensee in Switzerland. It was the pilot’s fourth trip up that day and he knew exactly where the thermals were!

Gliding out of Soaring Schanis over the Wallensee, Switzerland. from Dan Fisher on Vimeo.

Perfect black ice on a pond in Massachusetts.

Quaboag Pond 011617 from Dan Fisher on Vimeo.

Sachem’s Head Frostbiting

The Seadog is a 9-foot fiberglass dinghy originally produced in the early 1960s that has endured, against all odds and human logic, as a vehicle for frostbiting in the late fall and early winter. The only two fleets on earth are in Sachem’s Head and Wickford, RI. We hold the Seadog World Championships each year to determine who’s the best ‘dogger on earth. Below, some drone footage of the dinks in action. Note that only a kid weighing in at less than 80 pounds can possibly keep a Seadog from swamping as occurs around 7:50.



A sail around New York harbor on Macif, the French transatlantic trimaran. Interrupted by a severe squall that sent us up into the lee of Staten Island.

MACIF II from Dan Fisher on Vimeo.

Who doesn’t like a good sled run? Ignore the occasional grunt.

Bergun Darlux sled run 2-21-11 from Dan Fisher on Vimeo.